Made in the UK

Our manufacturing facility is based in the UK and we employ over 90 people

We believe the key to our success is that we design and manufacture all the elements of our lift & reclining seating mechanisms in the UK, ensuring where possible our materials are purchased locally.

This guarantees we have tighter controls on the day-to-day aspects of our business, our suppliers, and the manufacture of our lift and recline mechanisms. If a lift and recline mechanism is needed urgently, we can provide a fast, reliable and efficient delivery service to all parts of the UK, whilst ensuring courier costs are kept to a minimum.

We pride ourselves on the flexibility we are able to offer being located close to our customers, such as short lead times, local product support, spares that include handsets, motors and many more, and new product development capabilities to ensure we can closely meet the individual needs of our customers.

"The quality management system in place at Seminar Components is impressive and the requirements of the standard are surpassed in most cases."

— British Standards Institute