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We have a fantastic range of standard lift and recline mechanisms, including a comprehensive ‘tilt in space’ range.

Turning new ideas into products that benefit you

We understand that it is often the simple bespoke alteration that is the key to linking these items together and making the complete mechanism solution work for our customers.

We have over 30 years of design and manufacturing experience and can offer a full 3D CAD service with graphics and seat action visualisations. We recognise that innovation is key to business success and to become more innovative we have to meet and engage with different organisation with different perspectives.

We therefore welcome new and existing customers to our manufacturing premises and hope that with the use of Solid Works and our latest machines, we can help turn new ideas into actual products that will benefit our customers.

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"The quality management system in place at Seminar Components is impressive and the requirements of the standard are surpassed in most cases."

— British Standards Institute